The Roero, a geographical area located in the south of Piedmont, is articulated
on the left bank of the Tanaro, the river that separates it from the Langhe.


The Roero, a geographical area located in the south of Piedmont, is articulated on the left bank of the Tanaro, the river that separates it from the Langhe.
This territory has always been dedicated to fruit growing and viticulture. In fact, wine has always been an integral element of the culture and life of Roero in fact its two most typical products have been granted the DOCG designation, the most important in Italy, namely Roero (100% Nebbiolo) and Roero Arneis (100 % Arneis). In addition to being vinified with the name of Roero, Nebbiolo is also vinified in two other ways: Nebbiolo d'Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo.
In 2014, the Roero was designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco together with the wine-growing landscapes of the Langhe and Monferrato.
In 2017, the MGA, added geographical mentions (more commonly Cru) were introduced, which allow to identify the areas with the greatest production vocation, thus aligning itself on a par with the other great wine areas of Piedmont, that of Barolo and Barbaresco.
The greatest typicality of the natural landscape of the Roero are the fortresses, rugged and steep hills that, like a deep wound, cross the whole area.

The result of an interesting erosion phenomenon, the fortresses appear as an open book on the geological history of the Roero. Bare sheer walls, spiers and pinnacles of sand in all shades of ocher emerge from the dark green of a rich and shady vegetation to which an ecomuseum has also been dedicated.
Today the fortresses represent an important tourist resource and offer thousands of paths and landscapes that make it a paradise for lovers of trekking and hiking.
Our hills can best be admired from the numerous castles scattered throughout the area such as the castle of Baldissero D’Alba, Canale, Govone, Guarene, Magliano Alfieri, Monteu Roero, Monticello D’Alba, Pocapaglia and Sommariva Perno.
Upon completion of the Roero tourist offer, the presence of many starred restaurants such as 21.9 in Piobesi D’Alba, the Enoteca in Canale, Il Centro in Priocca and La Madernassa in Guarene should be remembered.


The Roero wine producers met in the Consortium for the Protection of Roero, recognized by decree published in the Official Gazette on March 4, 2014, in order to carry out the functions of protection, promotion, enhancement, consumer information and general care of the interests relating to Docg "Roero".
Today there are more than 300 members of the Consortium of producers and winegrowers, and more than 1,000 hectares of vineyards of the Roero Denomination, for a total of about 6 million bottles produced, of which more than 60% are exported.
The ultimate aim of the Consortium is therefore to promote the Roero area and to make its wines known, both in Italy and abroad.
As the archives show, the art, the landscape and the architecture of the peasant houses, the vines and the wine, on the Roero hills, have always been peasant culture, passion and pride. So much so that the wine landscape of Roero, as well as that of Langhe and Monferrato, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The borders of the DOCG do not correspond to the borders of the much wider Roero region. The territory bordered by the darker line is the one within which it is possible to produce Roero and Roero Arneis Docg.

You can download the map at this link or go directly to the Consortium website here.

FEASR – Fondo europeo agricolo per lo sviluppo rurale
L’Europa investe nelle zone rurali 


Misura 2018 - PSR 2014-2020 - G.A.L. BMA - PSL 2014-2020
NOTICE "Creation and development of non-agricultural activities"
Thematic area "Sustainable tourism"

Operation 6.4.1

Project description

Construction of an outdoor swimming pool for use by customers - Children's play area: 1 swing, 1 slide, 1 outdoor house, 4 baby chairs, 2 plastic tables - Solarium area: 1 hanging chair, 1 rocking chair, umbrellas with base, 6 sunbeds, 3 low tables, 3 tables, 14 armchairs / chairs - Renovation of the company building to be used for the reception of tourists through the construction of 2 independent mini apartments.

Total cost € 59.101,12
Of which share FEASR € 23.640,44