The information reported by the environmental label placed on the packaging – whether it is a food or non-food product – concerns the correct management of the waste deriving from the packaging / container at the end of its use.

Where not present, the indications below apply for the correct disposal of the waste.
"Composite products" means materials of any kind intended to contain certain goods, from raw materials to finished products.

Check on each component the abbreviation or symbol that you find in the following table to define how to dispose of it. Also check the regulations of your municipality to ensure that the type of material provides for the disposal indicated in the table in general.

BottlesGreen glassGL 71Glass collection
StoppersCorkFOR 51Dedicated separate waste collection
CapsulesPVC heat-shrink capsuleC/PVC 90Plastic collection
CapsulesPolylaminate capsuleC/ALU 90Aluminium collection
CapsulesShellacPIUnsorted waste
Cartons (for multiples of bottles)CartonsPAP 20 Paper collection
Beehives (bottle separators for cartons)Hives with internal wavePAP 20/21 Paper collection
Tissue for bottleTissue / paper PAP 22 Paper collection
Wooden cratesTissue / paperFOR 50 Dedicated separate waste collection
Paper labels Labels are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle